Justice for Leadership: (Re)versing the Lyrics of ‘Leadership for’ in Education

Youngs, H
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Journal Article
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Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia

Leadership for justice, leadership for change, leadership for learning, leadership for institutions, and leadership for success. The leadership lyrics continue to resound, ‘leadership for’. What if leadership lyrics were reversed and re-versed? The world amply rewards leadership, not just leaders, to the extent where leadership may not only need some ontological reorientation, but more importantly, and as the focus of this commentary, some repositioning down the popular policy, research and practice charts. Justice for leadership starts with what is leadership and whether leadership has been unjustly promoted beyond where it should be? For leadership to become more oriented to wider issues of social justice in education, the issue of leadership popularism has to be addressed first through a possible (re)versing of meaning and application.

Leadership ontology; Social justice; Educational leadership; Popularization; Managerialism
ACCESS: Contemporary Issues in Education, 41(2), 11-15. https://doi.org/10.46786/ac21.5633
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