Elite Rowers Apply Different Forces Between Stationary and Sliding Ergometers, & On-water Rowing

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International Society of Biomechanics in Sports (ISBS)

Rowing on ergometers is often required due to on-water conditions and testing requirements. Force generation between on-water sculling, fixed and sliding ergometers, has been examined, but there are only a few studies with elite level rowers. Forces at the handle, rowing gate, and foot block were recorded for four elite rowers during 1,000-m on a fixed ergometer, sliding ergometer and an on-water double scull. Handle forces were greater on the fixed and sliding ergometer than the on-water double. There was a trend for the foot forces to be similar between all three conditions. However, the timing of application of force was considerably earlier on the fixed and sliding ergometer than the on-water condition. The use of ergometers as a substitute for on-water rowing needs to be reconsidered in light of these results.

Rowing mechanics; Force; Temporal; High-performance; Feet; Handle
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