Serving those less able: are we up to it? accommodating aging and disabled travellers

Schitko, D
Poulston, J
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CAUTHE/University of Tasmania, School of Management

Tourism is an $18.6 billion industry, currently accounting for 19.2% of New Zealand’s total revenue (Ministry of Tourism, 2007), and New Zealand hosted around 2.l5 million visitors in the year preceding July 2008. However, statistics show that 10% of the world’s population has a disability. In New Zealand 17% of the residents are registered as having a disability (Statistics N.Z.) and almost half of New Zealand’s visitors are aged 45 and over. This demographic has the greatest discretionary income, and enjoys spending it on travelling. Also Statistics New Zealand (2007) has identified a significant increase in numbers of older residents, many of whom will not be as agile as younger travellers.

Hospitality , Disabilities , Students , Attitudinal change , Age
Proceedings of the 20th annual CAUTHE Conference 2010: Tourism and Hospitality: Challenge the Limits. Hobart, Tas.: University of Tasmania. School of Management, pp.1833-1835
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