A Critical Review of Curriculum Mapping: Implications for the Development of an Ethical Teacher Professionality

Benade, Leon
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Journal Article
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Massey University

Curriculum mapping, a curriculum design methodology popularised in America has found favour in New Zealand schools as they develop their own curricula in line with the recently introduced New Zealand Curriculum. This paper considers the implications of curriculum mapping for the development of an ethical teaching profession. Curriculum mapping is problematised because it reflects positivist theories of knowledge and leads to further technicisation of schooling. The requirement that schools develop their own curricula could however open the possibility to develop pedagogically and theoretically sound curricula and offers teachers and managers the opportunity to regain ownership of their work as they review their current curricula, leading to engagement in a genuinely ethical and collaborative dialogue.

3901 Curriculum and Pedagogy , 3903 Education Systems , 39 Education , 1303 Specialist Studies in Education , 3903 Education systems
New Zealand Journal of Teachers' Work, ISSN: 1176-6662 (Print); 1176-6662 (Online), Massey University, 20(1), 126-138. doi: 10.24135/teacherswork.v20i1.442
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