Reflections of Battlefield Tourist Experiences Associated With Vietnam War Sites: an Analysis of Travel Blogs

Upton, A
Schänzel, H
Lück, M
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Journal Article
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The aim of this paper is to analyse online travel blogs in order to gain an understanding of the reflections held by battlefield tourists in Vietnam. A qualitative approach utilising thematic analysis was conducted on 20 travel blogs. The findings suggest that tourists can have a deeply reflective experience at sites of past warfare, which includes cognitive dissonance to the war narrative. Tourist experiences in Vietnam presented a connection to the dead (mortality mediation), and a connection to the living (local people). These outcomes led to the overall understanding of battlefield experiences in Vietnam: The meaning of life and humanity through connecting with people, and the passing of time through the writing of history.

Dark tourism; Battlefield tourism; Vietnam War; Tourist experience; Mortality mediation; Life affirmation; Meaning of life; Interpretation
Journal of Heritage Tourism, 13(3), 197-210.
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