An independent student press: three case studies from Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Aotearoa/New Zealand

Robie, D
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Auckland University of Technology; University of Wollongong

In spite of a relatively small but vibrant news media base, two South Pacific countries have been regional leaders in convergent publishing with both newspapers and online media as educational outcomes for student journalists. Universities in Fiji and Papua New Guinea have pioneered with various versions of an entrepreneurial and socially activist student press for three decades, including titles such as Uni Tavur (founded in 1975), Wansolwara (1996) and Liklik Diwai (1998). All three papers have strongly identified with a national development role. In 2003, Aotearoa/New Zealand’s AUT University began publishing Te Waha Nui as a regular professional course publishing venture. It quickly established a niche with indigenous and diversity affairs coverage as an important strength. Using a problem-based learning (PBL) context, this article compares and contrasts the pedagogical challenges faced in all three countries in Oceania and outlines a media educational case for independent journalism school publishing.

Asia Pacific Media Educator, vol.17pp.21 - 40
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