Robot for Mayor: Creative Pedagogies with Social Robots in Secondary Education for Youth Civic Agency

Sosa, Ricardo
Torres, Rebeca
Bradford, Penny
Gibbons, Andrew
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Journal Article
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Scientific Research Publishing, Inc.

This paper presents new ways to imagine and carry out creative pedagogies that use robots to teach socio-technical topics. The paper presents key theoretical and methodological ideas that informed a project co-designed in partnership with teachers and learners from Manurewa High School. This project portrays a speculative story of an affable humanoid robot who shares its goal of running for Mayor of the city of Auckland in Aotearoa New Zealand and asks children for advice on how to prepare for this future role. The findings from this case study are organised around three main themes: suspending disbelief, powerful questions, and breaking the fourth wall. A discussion around learning using digital technologies more creatively and more critically closes the paper. The appropriateness of robots for creative and dialogic learning calls for the participation of learners and teachers in playful co-creation activities that transgress the conventional roles and scripts in the classroom and the curriculum.

3901 Curriculum and Pedagogy , 3903 Education Systems , 39 Education , 13 Education
Creative Education, ISSN: 2151-4755 (Print); 2151-4771 (Online), Scientific Research Publishing, Inc., 14(06), 1176-1198. doi: 10.4236/ce.2023.146075
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