The competency requirements for HR practitioners in domestic firms and multinational enterprises

Lo K
Macky, K
Pio, E
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Academy of Management (AOM)

This study examines the competency requirements for successful performance, and their perceived importance, for human resource (HR) practitioners in domestic firms and multinational enterprises (MNEs). In contrast to most HR competency studies that have adopted a universalist perspective, this study presents an exploratory investigation of the contextual nature of HR competencies by differentiating generic HR competencies from those that are context-specific to domestic firms and MNEs. This differentiation has important implications for the HR competency literature as it provides a nuanced perspective on the competencies required by HR practitioners. Using a concept mapping research design, our findings demonstrate that HR Acumen competencies shift in perceived importance between domestic firms, domestically- based and overseas-based MNEs. This supports the argument that HR practitioners’ job success is underpinned by their ability to build a reputation for HR delivery. The findings of our study also indicate that context-specific HR competencies have been a neglected area in HR competency research and require greater attention. Theoretical implications and recommendations on selection and development programmes for HR practitioners are discussed.

Domestic firms , HR competency , Multinational enterprises
74th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management held at Loews Philadelphia Hotel, Philadelphia, 2014-08-01 to 2014-08-05, published in: The Power of Words.
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