Antecedents of consumer trust in mobile payment adoption

Xin, H
Techatassanasoontorn, AA
Tan, FB
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This study empirically examines the role of consumer trust and its antecedents in determining consumers’ intention to adopt mobile payment. This research proposes that consumers’ willingness to adopt mobile payment depends on their assessment of the trustworthiness of mobile service provider and vendor, their assessment of the functional reliability of mobile payment systems as well as their general disposition to trust and their cultural background, in particular, uncertainty avoidance. Data were gathered from 302 participants in Auckland, New Zealand. Results show that all five sets of trust antecedents influence the development of trust and trust is an important predictor of intention to adopt mobile payment. Both theoretical and practical implications are discussed.

Adoption; Culture – uncertainty avoidance; Mobile payment; Trust
Journal of Computer Information Systems, vol.55(4), pp.1 - 10
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