Perspectives of Emirati women in higher education

Sumaya, S
Tennant, L
Stringer, P
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Journal Article
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Contemporary Research Center

United Arab Emirates (UAE) women have enthusiastically taken advantage of the educational opportunities available for all after the discovery of oil. Their access to higher education has expanded considerably, opening new opportunities to them for participation and career development. This exploratory study has attempted to gain an insight into the challenges married female Emirati students undergo during their learning journey to pursue the Bachelor of Education teaching degree. The study also examines motivating factors and strategies, albeit individual and/or institutional serving as support factors. The research has been positioned within a socio-cultural framework of the UAE context. This article delineates the complexities of balancing married life juxtaposed with the demands of being a student teacher within a 21st century tomorrow’s multicultural perspective school framework. The need for tertiary level supportive services empowering and inspiring these students is also discussed within the daily life family reality, community and society at large.

Higher education , Women , Married , UAE , Empowerment
International Journal of Education and Research, vol.2(1), pp.1 - 12 (12)
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