Hospitality report: reporting on New Zealand's Hospitality Industry (2011)

Neill, LJ
Williamson, D
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The Restaurant Association of New Zealand

The Restaurant Association has partnered with AUT to produce the first Hospitality Industry Report - a document packed with relevant statistical data, research and comment for the hospitality industry. This will help hospitality businesses understand the current hospitality environment, benchmark their performance against the wider market, and help to anticipate and prepare for emerging trends that could impact the industry.
Some of the topics covered in this comprehensive 53 page report include:
• top line data (including industry sales growth, sales revenue trends, outlet growth/ population distribution and per capita spending). • economic overview (sales growth vs GDP, restaurant price growth, growth in cost of goods, industry business confidence. • research on the top challenges for the industry and increasing profitability. • remuneration data, employment growth and labour shortage challenges. • sales productivity statistics. • consumer insights and analysis on customer dining habits. • region breakdowns of all key statistics.

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