Asynchronous Early Output Dual-bit Full Adders Based on Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Delay-insensitive Data Encoding

Balasubramanian, P
Prasad, K
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World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society

This paper presents the designs of asynchronous early output dual-bit full adders without and with redundant logic (implicit) corresponding to homogeneous and heterogeneous delay-insensitive data encoding. For homogeneous delay-insensitive data encoding only dual-rail i.e. 1-of-2 code is used, and for heterogeneous delay-insensitive data encoding 1-of-2 and 1-of-4 codes are used. The 4-phase return-to-zero protocol is used for handshaking. To demonstrate the merits of the proposed dual-bit full adder designs, 32-bit ripple carry adders (RCAs) are constructed comprising dual-bit full adders. The proposed dual-bit full adders based 32-bit RCAs incorporating redundant logic feature reduced latency and area compared to their non-redundant counterparts with no accompanying power penalty. In comparison with the weakly indicating 32-bit RCA constructed using homogeneously encoded dual-bit full adders containing redundant logic, the early output 32-bit RCA comprising the proposed homogeneously encoded dual-bit full adders with redundant logic reports corresponding reductions in latency and area by 22.2% and 15.1% with no associated power penalty. On the other hand, the early output 32-bit RCA constructed using the proposed heterogeneously encoded dual-bit full adder which incorporates redundant logic reports respective decreases in latency and area than the weakly indicating 32-bit RCA that consists of heterogeneously encoded dual-bit full adders with redundant logic by 21.5% and 21.3% with nil power overhead. The simulation results obtained are based on a 32/28nm CMOS process technology.

Asynchronous design; Digital circuits; Full adder; Ripple carry adder; Indication; Early output; Standard cells; CMOS
WSEAS Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Volume 16, pp. 64-73
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