Critical Event Visualities

Pernecky, T
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Thompson Rivers University

Visual methods provide richer and deeper understandings of events phenomena through the use of visuals. Critical event studies, similar to critical tourism studies, draw on the critical school of thought to examine a host of methodological, conceptual, moral and ethical issues, as well as matters of equality, equity, justice, power, and representation. The malgamation of visual methods with critical approaches to the study of events signals the formation of a distinct research domain—articulated here as ‘critical event visualities’. The purpose of this talk to situate critical event visualities as part of the broader and ongoing efforts to advance critical events research. The paper will introduce novel methodological tools, such as the concept of ‘visual echoes of events’ to highlight the complexity and scope of visual inquiry in events.

Critical Tourism Studies Proceedings: Vol. 2019 , Article 26. Available at:
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