Globalised Language and Culture Policy Borrowing for Aotearoa: Colonisation, History and Language Power

Harvey, S
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Scandanavian University Press

This chapter examines the introduction of intercultural competency into the New Zealand learning languages curriculum released in 2007 and based largely on the work of the Council of Europe. An important question is raised as to whether such theoretical models emanating from Western Europe can address the historical power imbalances that have resulted in extreme forms of oppression and the silencing of Indigenous languages and cultures in previously colonised countries.

Language education policy; Aotearoa New Zealand; indigeneity; Colonization; Subject languages
Olsen, T. & Sollid, H. (Eds.) (2022). In: Indigenising education and citizenship: Perspectives on policies and practices from Sápmi and beyond. Scandanavian University Press. DOI:
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