He iti, he pounamu: The Significance of Doctoral Theses Written in Te Reo Māori

Stewart, G
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Journal Article
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Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga

This article illuminates the embryonic academic practice of writing doctoral theses in te reo Mäori, storying the experiences of graduates, supervisors, examiners and senior managers involved in this pathway. In keeping with Indigenous sensibilities, a narrative research approach is adopted, whereby analysis proceeds by carefully curating interview data to tell a compelling insider story of the reo Mäori doctoral journey. This narrative research process respects the teaching power of stories, told in the voices of pioneers in this field, and brings forward a joyful counter-narrative to the dominant detrimental research stories about Mäori university education.

Indigenous doctoral studies; Kaupapa Māori; Narrative research; Te reo Māori
MAI Journal 2019: volume 8, issue 1
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