How to Analyse Emojis, GIFs, Embedded Images, Videos, and URLs: A Bakhtinian Methodological Approach

Westbrook, F
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This article offers a means of analysing social networking, visual dialogues of emojis, gif s (images in the Graphics Interchange Format), embedded images, videos, and url s (Uniform Resource Locators). Doing so addresses these often overlooked and undervalued forms of visual communication, suggesting a unique means of gaining insights into their use within online interactions. Utilising a Bakhtinian methodology, the author extracts excerpts from her research, situated within Facebook, to demonstrate a Bakhtinian genre analysis, a framework that the author contends is adaptable to multiple social networking spaces. Highlighting emojis, gif s, embedded images, videos, and url s as integral components of online communication, an emphasis is placed on how the text dances with the visual, presenting a nuanced framework for such an analysis. Consequently, an argument is developed for the significance of visual dialogues in contemporary online spaces, and the need for researchers to better understand these dynamic forms of communication, offered through Bakhtinian dialogism.

3901 Curriculum and Pedagogy , 39 Education , 3901 Curriculum and pedagogy
Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy, ISSN: 2364-4583 (Print); 2364-4583 (Online), Brill, 20(3), 1-25. doi: 10.1163/23644583-bja10042
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