Integrating and ranking sustainability criteria for housing

Abdul-Rahman, H
Wang, C
Wood, LC
Ebrahimi, M
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ICE Publishing, London, UK

Numerous researchers have determined sustainability criteria relating to environmental performance but the other two sustainability components - economic and social performance - have not been taken into consideration in an integrated and hierarchy manner. Existing sustainability assessment methods (e.g., LEED, GBI, IGBC, and BREEAM) ignore the economic and social aspects, and sustainable criteria are not prioritized for decision making facilitation. To prioritize sustainable criteria for residential buildings in the triquetrous sustainability model including environmental, economic, and social in a global and integrated manner, a Fuzzy-AHP tool was employed and a structured expert-based development process comprised of seventeen building practitioners and eight academics from sixteen nations was conducted globally among carefully selected experts. A Fuzzy Weighted Hierarchy for Triquetrous Sustainability (FWH-TS) in residential buildings was developed at the end of this study. Assisted by programmers, the FWH-TS is expected to be developed into a PC software or Apps in the near future to improve construction management.

Residential building , Sustainable environmental system , Operations Management , Decision Sciences , Multi-criteria decision-making
Proceedings of the ICE - Engineering Sustainability
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