Strategy communication in family owned restaurants: an informal business

Poulston, JM
Rosalin, G
Goodsir, W
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Council for Australasian University Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTHE)

Many New Zealand restaurants are family-owned, operating along more informal lines than larger commercially operated businesses. This particular characteristic, and the volatile nature of the restaurant industry, can limit the ability of a business to operate profitably. It is therefore important for business owners to develop and implement strategies to remain competitive. However, informal modes of communication are likely to limit the successful communication and implementation of any strategies developed. This study therefore examines strategy communication in a small selection of Auckland family owned restaurants, to determine the likely impact of family ownership on a restaurant business. Results show that strategy communication in family-owned restaurants is ad hoc, and owners often lack the skills needed for success.

Communication , Diversity , Family business , Restaurant , Strategy
CAUTHE: 22nd Annual Conference held at Lincoln University, Lincoln, Canterbury, 2013-02-11 to 2013-02-14, published in: Tourism and Global Change, pp.611 - 623
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