Sources of brand benefits in manufacturer-reseller B2B relationships

Glynn, M
Motion, J
Brodie, RJ
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Purpose – The aim of the paper is to develop a conceptual framework that explores the sources of manufacturer brand benefits for resellers. Design/methodology/approach – The paper reports a qualitative investigation where packaged goods resellers were interviewed about the benefits of manufacturer brands for their businesses. The qualitative data is analysed to develop several research propositions about the role of brands in reseller B2B relationships.

Findings – A conceptual framework is developed that shows that manufacturers’ brands provide financial, customer and managerial benefits for resellers. These benefits have an impact on reseller relationship outcomes with the manufacturer’s brand, which include satisfaction, dependence, cooperation, commitment and trust.

Practical implications – The conceptual framework provides a model that manufacturers of both major and minor brands can use to understand and manage these brand benefits in order to enhance the relationship outcomes with resellers. Originality/value – The paper responds to a need for empirical research to understand the role that brands play in channel relationships. It presents a conceptual framework that links manufacturer brand benefits to reseller relationship outcomes. The framework also includes major and minor brands as moderating variables and thus provides a basis for further quantitative research.

Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, vol.22(6), pp.400 - 409
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