Computational neurogenetic modeling: a methodology to study gene interactions underlying neural oscillations

Benuskova, L.
Wysoski, S.
Kasabov, N
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We present new results from Computational Neurogenetic Modeling to aid discoveries of complex gene interactions underlying oscillations in neural systems. Interactions of genes in neurons affect the dynamics of the whole neural network model through neuronal parameters, which change their values as a function of gene expression. Through optimization of the gene interaction network, initial gene/protein expression values and neuronal parameters, particular target states of the neural network operation can be achieved, and statistics about gene interaction matrix can be extracted. In such a way it is possible to model the role of genes and their interactions in different brain states and conditions. Experiments with human EEG data are presented as an illustration of this methodology and also, as a source for the discovery of unknown interactions between genes in relation to their impact on brain activity. © 2006 IEEE.

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