The value of an explicit pronunciation syllabus in ESOL teaching

Couper, Graeme
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AMEP Research Centre, Macquarie University

This article reports on an action research project which investigated the value of systematically and explicitly incorporating a pronunciation sub-syllabus within the overall syllabus of a full-time post-intermediate level ESOL course. This pronunciation syllabus involved raising each individual learner’s awareness of their difficulties with pronunciation and of the main features of spoken English in general. IIt then attempted to systematically and explicitly instruct learners in theses features, at both the segmental and suprasegmental levels, and to encourage learners to practise and monitor their pronunciation.

The effectiveness of the syllabus was examined through pre- and post-course tests of pronunciation and through a survey of students' reactions to the syllabus and their beliefs regarding the teaching and learning of pronunciation. The results showed that clear gains were made, and that learners believed both that teachers should teach pronunciation, and that the particular approach taken here had been of value.

Prospect, v.18, no.3, December 2003, p.53-70
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