A framework for enhancing the social good in computing education: a values approach

Goldweber, M
Barr, J
Clear, T
Davoli, R
Mann, S
Patitsas, E
Portnoff, S
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Journal Article
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Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

This paper addresses two interrelated problems currently confronting computer science education, motivating students while simultaneously providing them with the skills they'll need to solve complex interconnected problems. We describe a framework for motivating computer science students by adding the context of social good to introductory computing assignments. Adding the context in this manner also goes some way to addressing the need for graduates to have skills, attributes and behaviours appropriate to contributing to social good outcomes. Accompanying this, we provide 14 concrete examples of introductory computing projects that convey and reinforce computing's social relevance and potential for positive societal impact.

Introductory programming projects , Computing for the social good
Proceeding ITiCSE-WGR '12 Proceedings of the final reports on Innovation and technology in computer science education 2012 working groups. Pages 16-38
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