Speckle Noise Removal in Image-Based Detection of Refractive Index Changes in Porous Silicon Microarrays

Ren, R
Guo, Z
Jia, Z
Yang, J
Kasabov, NK
Li, C
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Journal Article
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Springer Nature

Based on porous silicon (PSi) microarray images, we propose a new method called the phagocytosis algorithm (PGY) for removing the influence of speckle noise on image gray values. In a theoretical analysis, speckle noise of different intensities is added to images, and a suitable denoising method is developed to restore the image gray level. This method can be used to reduce the influence of speckle noise on the gray values of PSi microarray images to improve the accuracy of detection and increase detection sensitivity. In experiments, the method is applied to detect refractive index changes in PSi microcavity images, and a good linear relationship between the gray level change and the refractive index change is obtained. In addition, the algorithm is applied to a PSi microarray image, and good results are obtained.

Scientific Reports 9, 15001 (2019). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-019-51435-y
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