Interfaces Entre O Design De Games E As Ciências Do Esporte: Uma Metodologia Para Desenvolvimento De Um Simulador De Rugby

Barboza Ferreira, N
Mortensen Steagall, M
Nesteriuk Gallo, S
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Centro de Investigação e Comunicação (CIAC)

This article presents a Social Design project developed with undergraduate design students using a methodological approach directed to the atelier or studio practice. The design studio as a pedagogical approach widely used in Architecture, Art and Design, it privileges imagination over the empirical and the rational. The project, developed over a twelve weeks’ period (corresponding to the academic semester in various universities across Aoteaora/New Zealand), integrated the social, technical and cognitive dimensions of knowledge construction. The stages of the project were planned to employ a methodological structure under human-centred pragmatic approach. The development of design solutions using real problems produced strategic platforms for collaboration and cultural diversity. As a result, this study showed three overall results: Provided a methodology for studio-driven education that sailed outside the service provider approach towards the Social design; Encouraged community collaboration and practices as a mechanism for the Social design process, providing a platform for cultural diversity and improving student engagement in the project; Offered opportunities for the use of social media and emerging technologies as an iterative and communication process in classroom activities. The construction of solutions to complex problems of Auckland city took into account the needs and aspirations of its inhabitants, promoting a social perspective for design students in higher education.

Design education , Social Design , Design Studio , Design Atelier , Human- centered design
Proceedings of the International Conference on Digital Creation in Arts and Communication, ARTeFACTo2020, pp. 27-32.
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