Green Building Rating Systems: A Critical Comparison between LOTUS, LEED, and Green Mark

Doan, Dat
Ghaffarianhoseini, Amirhosein
Naismith, Nicola
Aigwi, Esther
Ghaffarian Hoseini, Ali
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Journal Article
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IOP Publishing

Despite being established in Vietnam for over a decade, LOTUS has not achieved the same popularity as other international green building rating systems (GBRS), such as LEED and Singapore's Green Mark (GM). Consequently, concerns about its effectiveness persist. This study employed a systematic literature review to compare and analyse the effectiveness of LOTUS against LEED and GM rating systems. The findings revealed that LEED was the most widely adopted GBRS in Vietnam. While the primary criteria identified across all three systems were energy, water, materials, and indoor environment, the critical aspect of sustainability was environmental. Although GM placed a greater emphasis on sustainability and climate-responsive design, LEED and LOTUS prioritised site location. These results suggest that the late introduction and complexities surrounding the initial versions of LOTUS significantly contributed to its limited popularity in Vietnam. To enhance its effectiveness, this study recommends that the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) increase its engagement with green building researchers and construction stakeholders both within and outside Vietnam, with the aim of simplifying its approach. A more user-friendly and streamlined version of LOTUS will likely encourage adoption by Vietnamese construction practitioners, thereby raising awareness of green building practices in Vietnam.

37 Earth sciences , 41 Environmental sciences
Environmental Research Communications, ISSN: 2515-7620 (Print), IOP Publishing. doi: 10.1088/2515-7620/ace613
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