Adult learners' intention to adopt mobile learning: a motivational perspective

Hashim, KF
Tan, FB
Rashid, A
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Mobile learning (m-learning) is gaining popularity as the „anytime, anywhere‟ online learning channel. Academics and practitioners alike are showing interest in examining its ability to support online learning. However, prior studies have highlighted the challenges in promoting m-learning adoption. The extantm-learning literature has mainly focused on technology related factors to examine m-learning adoption. However few studies have investigated this topic from the users‟ motivation perspective and even fewer from an adult learner context. Hence this study employsthe Uses and Gratification Theory to provide a betterunderstanding of what motivates m-learning adoptionin adult learners. The research findings suggest that adult learners‟ intention to use m-learning is influenced by their affective needs and social integrative needs through attitude. This paper concludes by noting the theoretical and practical contributions.

Mobile learning , Uses and gratification theory , Adult learners and technology adoption
British Journal of Educational Technology. doi: 10.1111/bjet.12148
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