The Social Condition of the New Zealand People: A Pre-election Review of Social Indicator Information

Crothers, C
Yeung, S
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Journal Article
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The Royal Society of New Zealand

Many social commentators have considered that alongside the fiscal transparency enjoined by contemporary New Zealand governments, there should be a complementary social responsibility reporting. This task is usually assigned to social indicator frameworks. However, at present (as the 2017 election looms) there is a faltering in the provision of social indicators which have been in place in New Zealand for almost two decades, with the exception of the recent 2016 survey data from Statistics New Zealand and Ministry of Social Development that were made available within a month of writing this article. Having commented on the current status of the New Zealand social indicator system, we present data from the General Social Survey and the Quality of Life survey to at least convey recent trends in subjective social well-being and reported behaviours and experiences. References are also made to the accumulating literature on social well-being in New Zealand, followed by suggestions for more systematic indicator development and underpinning research.

Social indicators; Subjective well-being; Quality of life; New Zealand/Aotearoa; Pre-election commentary
Kōtuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online, doi: 10.1080/1177083X.2017.1373682
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