Explaining actual online shopping behavior: evidences from two distinct national cultures

Tan, F. B.
Yan, L.
Urquhart, C.
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Conference Proceedings
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Conference on Information Science Technology and Management

With increased population of online shoppers, research into online shopping behavior is starting to emerge. Much of the literature has used the technology acceptance model, innovation diffusion theory and the theory of planned behavior to study this phenomenon. This has shed light on the behavior of consumers when they shop online. However, prior research has placed little emphasis on cultural differences in online shopping. Despite wide acknowledgements that the online environment is characterized by a high level of uncertainty and an increasing number of international customers, there are only a few studies that describe how cultural differences may impact on the online shopping behavior of consumers. These have focused on intention to transact and not actual purchasing behaviour. The aim of this paper is to extend prior research by integrating national culture into the theory of planned behavior to better understand actual online shopping behaviour across two cultures. National culture dimensions of long-/short-term orientation and individualism/collectivism are found to have significant effects on both intended and actual behaviours.

Online shopping behavior , Actual transaction , National culture , Theory of planned behavior , Individualism , Collectivism , Time orientation
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