Reducing recurrent stroke: methodology of the motivational interviewing in stroke (MIST) randomized clinical trial

Krishnamurthi, R
Witt, E
Barker-Collo, S
McPherson, K
Davis-Martin, K
Bennett, D
Rush, E
Suh, F
Starkey, N
Parag, V
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Journal Article
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John Wiley & Sons

Recurrent stroke is prevalent in both developed and developing countries, contributing significantly to disability and death. Recurrent stroke rates can be reduced by adequate risk factor management. However, adherence to prescribed medications and lifestyle changes recommended by physicians at discharge after stroke is poor, leading to a large number of preventable recurrent strokes. Using behavior change methods such as Motivational Interviewing early after stroke occurrence has the potential to prevent recurrent stroke.

Adherence , Motivational interviewing , Recurrent stroke , Secondary prevention
International Journal of Stroke, vol.9(1), pp.133 - 139
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