Research Note on Experiences and Attitudes Going Forward with and Beyond Omicron (March)

Crothers, C
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Journal Article
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School of Social Sciences, Auckland University of Technology

The attitudinal base of support for the current Covid strategy in NZ is assessed using current and recent survey data – covering attitudes and reports in relation to vaccination, Covid-management issues and the various feelings and views in coping with Covid Delta and then Omicron. Evidence is compiled, too, on attitudes towards any resetting of New Zealand’s Covid-19 regime and possible pivots to alternatives. As NZ develops its way of dealing with the Omicron variant, the attitudinal and behavioural concomitants can be traced based on longitudinal surveys.

New Zealand; Auckland; Covid-19; Omicron; Lockdowns; Border; Mask-wearing; Social distancing; Stress; Economic difficulties; Surveys
Aotearoa New Zealand Journal of Social Issues, 2(1). Retrieved from
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