Lean Construction Supply Chain: A Transport Perspective

Dhawan, Kamal
Tookey, John
Poshdar, Mani
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Conference Contribution
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The extensive and interdisciplinary construction supply chain is susceptible to inefficiencies at the interfaces of organisations. These inefficiencies are exacerbated by intricate logistics systems that operate among numerous stakeholders and actors, involving concurrent activities, processes, and on- and off-site systems. Transportation stands out as the most significant element within construction logistics. The fragmentation of the transport function stems from its intrinsic nature to every business, typically involving externalised asset ownership and deployment. Inefficiencies infiltrate the system due to isolated planning across different segments, gradually accumulating into macro-level visibility. To optimise logistics, particularly the transport function, identified strategies involve reconfiguring activities, combining resources, and repositioning actors. This paper delves into the impact of vertically integrating distribution, implementing integrated planning for transport operations, and incorporating reverse logistics into operations on the transport function within a supply chain for manufactured construction products. The study evaluates sustainability impacts using transport efficiency metrics and domestically determined parameters to benchmark the 'leaning and greening' of the specific supply chain under consideration.

Dhawan, K. , Tookey, J. E. & Poshdar, M. 2024. Lean Construction Supply Chain: A Transport Perspective, Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC 32) , 978-989. doi.org/10.24928/2024/0147
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