Measuring cascade effects in interdependent networks by using effective graph resistance

Tauch, S
Liu, W
Pears, R
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Understanding the correlation between the underlie network structure and overlay cascade effects in the interdependent networks is one of major challenges in complex network studies. There are some existing metrics that can be used to measure the cascades. However, different metrics such as average node degree interpret different characteristic of network topological structure, especially less metrics have been identified to effectively measure the cascading performance in interdependent networks. In this paper, we propose to use a combined Laplacian matrix to model the interdependent networks and their interconnectivity, and then use its effective resistance metric as an indicator to its cascading behavior. Moreover, we have conducted extensive comparative studies among different metrics such as average node degree, and the proposed effective resistance. We have found that the effective resistance metric can describe more accurate and finer characteristics on topological structure of the interdependent networks than average node degree which is widely adapted by the existing research studies for measuring the cascading performance in interdependent networks.

Interconnected networks; Network robustness; Topopogical metrics; Effective graph resistance; Average node degree; Cascade effects
2015 IEEE Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM) , 2015-04-26 to 2015-05-01, published in: 2015 IEEE Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM), pp.683 - 688 (6)
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