Furnace Vestibule Heat Transport Models

McGuinness, Mark
Cox, Barry
Kalyanaraman, Balaje
Kiradjiev, Kristian
Gonzalez-Farina, Raquel
Hassell Sweatman, Catherine
Roberts, Lindon
Pontin, David
Bissaker, Edward
Irvine, Samuel
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Journal Article
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Australian Mathematical Publishing Association, Inc.

This is a report on the Lovells Springs challenge that was brought to the Mathematics in Industry Study Group at the University of Newcastle, Australia, in January 2020. The design of a furnace that heats steel rods to make them malleable and allow the reshaping of the rods into coiled springs is the challenge.  Mathematical modelling of heat transport in the half-metre long furnace vestibule predicts the effect of vestibule geometry on the temperature of rods entering the furnace, and provides guidelines for deciding on the dimensions of the vestibule for improved energy efficiency of heating. Models considered include treating the rods as equivalent steel sheets, and as discrete steel rods. The relative importance of radiative and convective heat transfer mechanisms is considered. A longer vestibule, with length one or two metres,  is recommended for improved heating efficiency of rods thicker than 25mm.

01 Mathematical Sciences , 09 Engineering , General Mathematics , Numerical & Computational Mathematics , 40 Engineering , 49 Mathematical sciences , 51 Physical sciences
ANZIAM Journal, ISSN: 1445-8810 (Online), Australian Mathematical Publishing Association, Inc., 62, M112-M155. doi: 10.21914/anziamj.v62.16642
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