Head Impact Monitoring: What New Methodologies Could Do for Concussion Biomechanics

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International Society for Biomechanics in Sports (ISBS)

Concussion has become a world-wide concern for sports participants. In-vivo head impacts monitoring has long been proposed as a way of identifying and even helping to prevent concussions. Several head impact devices were developed to measure head kinematics on the field, allowing the study of a wide range of sports. However, after fifteen years of data collection and despite a better understanding of injury mechanisms, concussion biomechanics still presents numerous challenges. This study aimed to summarize current knowledge of head impact monitoring via narrative and systematic reviews. The discussion was focused on how technology might have limited previous research, and how innovative analyses approaches might provide new opportunities to further our appreciation of concussion biomechanics.

Traumatic brain injury; Accelerations; Machine learning
ISBS Proceedings Archive: Vol. 36: Iss. 1, Article 257. Available at: https://commons.nmu.edu/isbs/vol36/iss1/257
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