Interview With Samoan-English Specialist Mental Health Interpreter Hoy Neng Wong Soon

Burn, Jo Anna
Wong Soon, Hoy Neng
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This interview was conducted with Hoy Neng Wong Soon, a specialist mental health Samoan-language interpreter from Aotearoa New Zealand3 . Hoy Neng combines her work as a research project manager with the Pacific Islands Families Study with interpreting and translating and also works as a health interpreter and translator educator. Her experiences offer interpreters and educators an insight into mental health settings and into the very demanding area of forensic psychiatry. She is based in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand.

1303 Specialist Studies in Education , 2003 Language Studies , 2004 Linguistics , 4703 Language studies , 4704 Linguistics
International Journal of Interpreter Education, ISSN: 2150-5772 (Print), 12(2), 63-67.
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