The New Zealand Care Workforce Survey 2019 Report

Ravenswood, K
Douglas, J
Ewertowska, T
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Commissioned Report
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New Zealand Work Research Institute, AUT University

The 2019 report of the Care Workforce Survey is authored by Associate Professor Katherine Ravenswood, Dr Julie Douglas (from our Care/Work Research Group) and Tanya Ewertowska. It continues on from the previous Aged Care Workforce Survey reports of 2014 and 2016, and is extended in this iteration to include not only residential aged care and home and community support, but also the disability support and mental health and addiction sectors – hence the new name ‘The New Zealand Care Workforce Survey’. It reports on the experiences of care and support workers, nurses and managers in these sectors

Ravenswood, K., Douglas, J. & Ewertowska, T. (2021) The New Zealand Care Workforce Survey 2019 Report. Auckland.
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