Te Ōranga Ō Te Roro: Kaumātua Perspectives on the Development of a Mobile App for Mate Wareware (Dementia) Awareness

Dudley, Makarena
Olsen, Sharon
Reihana, Cherry
King, Marcus
Spooner, Hohepa
Cullum, Sarah
Merkin, Alexander
Ramirez-Rodriguez, Edgar
Nepia, Bobby
Martinez Ruiz, Adrian
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Journal Article
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New Zealand Medical Association

Aim: Mate wareware (dementia) presents a significant social and economic burden for Māori in Aotearoa New Zealand. Previous literature has highlighted the need to improve health literacy for Māori regarding the causes and management of mate wareware, yet there is a lack of Māori-centred educational resources. It was determined that a mobile phone application (app) could meet this need and that early consultation with Māori was required to ensure the digital solution would be culturally safe and relevant.

Method: This study explored the perspectives of kaumātua (Māori elders) regarding how to cater the mate wareware mobile app to Māori. Through a qualitative approach based on Kaupapa Māori principles, two focus groups were held with 15 kaumātua. Focus group data were thematically analysed.

Results: The analysis identified four themes related to the content of the proposed app and its design features. "Information about mate wareware" and "Caregiver support" were prominent themes that kaumātua prioritised for inclusion in the proposed app. To ensure uptake, kaumātua emphasised that the "Access" and "Appeal" of the proposed app should be considered.

Conclusion: The findings have informed the design of the Mate Wareware app and should be considered when developing other digital health interventions for Māori.

11 Medical and Health Sciences , General & Internal Medicine , 32 Biomedical and clinical sciences , 42 Health sciences
New Zealand Medical Journal, ISSN: 1175-8716 (Print); 1175-8716 (Online), New Zealand Medical Association.
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