Super City? State of Auckland report

Neill, CM
Crothers, C
McGregor, J
Hanna, K
Fletcher, M
Wilson, D
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Commissioned Report
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School of Social Sciences and Public Policy, Faculty of Culture and Society, AUT University

Auckland is New Zealand’s bold experiment in local government. Is the Super City a success, a disappointment or something in between? The local government elections in 2013 provide an opportunity to assess the state of Auckland. How is New Zealand’s largest city measuring up three years on from the unique governance reforms that created it? This report examines various areas of living in Auckland; its people and communities, democratic participation, the economy, the state of the built and natural environment, transport and other infrastructure, public services, confidence in Auckland’s regional and local governance and value for money. It aims to help citizens make informed decisions when they vote in the 2013 local government elections. It also allows them to be involved in a continuing research project that assesses the city they live in.

Crothers, C., Fletcher, M., Hanna, K., McGregor, J., Neill, C., & Wilson, D. (2013). The State of Auckland Report (Report). Retrieved from:
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