International Market Segmentation across Consumption and Communication Categories: Identity, Demographics, and Consumer Decisions and Online Habits

De Villiers, R
Tipgomut, P
Franklin, A
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In this chapter we will discuss the different approaches to market segmentation and selection and explore how the selection process influences the company’s culture, its brand positioning, and how it is impacted upon by the overall marketing and communication strategy and vice versa. Some questions this chapter considers and discusses are: Which segments should firms’ international marketing activities (including financial, human resources, and the firm’s capabilities) focus on? How do multinationals decide if segmentation efforts are effective? Finally, we will explore how organizations1 can monitor and control the various activities and outcomes, in order to ensure sustainable competitive advantage(s) in a highly competitive marketplace and online marketspace.

Brand alignment; Consumption categories; Niche communication; Positioning; Selection; SCA; Segmentation
Umut Ayman and Anıl Kemal Kaya, IntechOpen, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.89988. Available from:
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