Nursing Students As Agents of Change: Empowering Patients Using Mobile Technology in Health Promotion

Britnell, S
Conaglen, J
Johns, S
Narayan, V
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Health Improvement and Innovation Resource Centre

Nursing students from AUT University perform health assessments in the workplace as a part of their clinical learning experience. In this study, the authors evaluated the use of iPad mini’s and a Vodafone Pocket Wi-Fi (3G network) at these assessments to access the online Heart Health Forecast (HHF) tool provided by the New Zealand Heart Foundation - to enable students to provide individualised and interactive information using pictorial, graphical, audible and written techniques. This approach was offered as an alternative to verbal information and print resources alone. The students were provided with tools and resources to accommodate a range of learning styles and levels of literacy. An anonymous survey was distributed to 504 patients and another survey was distributed to all 130 students enrolled in this paper to gather information about their learning during health assessments. "Student nurses who provided education using mobile technology and the patients who received education felt that this was useful in understanding their risk of a heart attack or stroke in the next 5 years".

Cardiovascular diseases; Communication; Education; Information Technology; Nursing; Patient care management; qii; Risk assessment; Training; Workplace
Paper presented at the HINZ 2014 conference, Auckland, New Zealand, 11-12 November 2014
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