Tapuni, Nooroa
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Ancestral time in Mangaian cosmology is an unfolding of multiple worlds through a generative process that extends from energy to matter from which we, Mangaians, are descended. Mangaia is the second largest Island in the Southern Cook Islands group. Its cosmology begins with expanding pulsating energies within the root of an upturned coconut, that generates multiple dimensions of existence. This transformation determines how we understand and navigate worlds. Within this multiplicity is recursion between the material and immaterial, where past, present and future are suspended and collapsed. Two key concepts underpin the generation of self-portrait images in the project #peaches; Akapapa'anga (layering through genealogy, building upon its ancestor genealogical connection within and between artworks) and the Mangaian cybernetic continuum (the ability for recursion to exist between worlds), which functions as ancestral time in practice. #peaches explores this proposition through layering and recursion of Al-generated portraits, and reveals the racial bias inherent in this technology, and its disruption to ancestral time.

3601 Art History, Theory and Criticism , 36 Creative Arts and Writing
Nooroa Tapuni. 2023. #peaches. In Proceedings of SA Art Gallery ’23. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 1 page. https://doi.org/10.1145/3610537.3632937
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