Reconceptualizing the Notion of Relations Underlying Performance Measurement Models: Implications for Research

Islam, S
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Purpose: The objective of this paper is to reconceptualize the notion of relations underlying performance measurement models (PMMs) and explicate the ample exciting research opportunities that this reconceptualized viewpoint offers. Design/methodology/approach: This is a conceptual paper, which primarily builds on and extends the contemporary research that challenges the traditional viewpoint that cause-and-effect relations are a necessary element of every PMM. Findings: The reconceptualized viewpoint suggests that a PMM can be built on any combination of cause-and-effect, finality, and logical relations, as opposed to only cause-and-effect relations. This paper presents several exciting research opportunities that the reconceptualized perspective offers. Originality/value: The different types of relations underlying PMMs and their appropriate validation techniques are a relatively novel concept and also, a complex phenomenon which has received very limited attention in the accounting literature. This paper extends this nascent literature by outlining the research implications of this novel concept.

Performance measurement models; Cause-and-effect; Finality; Logical; Relations; Reconceptualize.
Pacific Accounting Review, 28(4), 411-418.
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