"I don't think we're seen as a nuisance" - The Positioning of Postgraduate Learning Advisors in New Zealand Universities

Strauss, P
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The Australasian Association of Writing Progams

New Zealand universities host linguistically and culturally diverse cohorts of students. Many of these students, both first and second language speakers of English, struggle to achieve their potential because their academic language skills do not meet the requirements of the academy. Despite the acknowledged need to facilitate the improvement of all students’ language skills, in particular the ability to write clearly and cogently, he learning advisors at each university who are tasked with assisting this development are, on the whole, not held is in high esteem by the institutions they serve. This lack of regard makes it difficult for them to be effective in helping students reach their full potential. This article sought to capture the perspectives of postgraduate learning advisors at universities around New Zealand, which might have relevance for those based elsewhere. It concludes with some suggestions as to how advisors might strengthen their position and gain recognition for the contribution they make in the postgraduate sector.

Writing; Postgraduate students; Academic language; Learning advisors
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