Six Sigma for small and medium enterprises

Wright, JNC
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Dansk Brygmester Forening

FIT Sigma is introduced in this article as a user fiendly alternative to Six Sigma. FIT Sigma allows the adaptation of Six Sigma at little cost to small and medium sized enterprises. FIT Sigma is compared to going to the gym to get fit. The fitness trainer will first determine how fit you are, understand why you want to get fit (fitness for purpose), and then set a training and diet regime to achieve fitness and to sustain fitness. The objective being not just to lose fat buit to build up muscle so as o get fit for what ever the gioal is. It is contended that losing weight alone will weaken and organisation. Being underweight does not equal strength.

Quality , Fitnesss for purpose smaal medium enterprises Six Sigma
Scandinavian Brewers' Review, vol.68(3), pp.32 - 37
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