Transformative Technologies and Social Change: An Introduction

Karmokar, S
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Academic Conferences International Limited

Rapid transformation in the technology is accelerating has create exponential growth in many areas. New innovation in product and services are seen in all sectors such as agriculture, medical diagnosis and treatment, societal changes, manufacturing and business. It has captured the imagination and provided diverse sectors of business and society with new opportunities for strategic and social changes. These changes are coming fast and we need to be creative and collaborative to navigate positively to these changes. Transformative technologies have the potential to contribute to both personal and societal transformation. Transformative technologies can enrich our life and bring social awareness and changes in the society. In this conceptual paper, we explore transformative technology and its capability to drive social change. We present some examples where transformative technologies have played a significant role in social awareness and change.

Transformative Technologies; Social Change; Positive Technology; Emotional Well-being
International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship : 507-513,XX.: Academic Conferences International Limited. (Sep 2019)
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