Deploying Wireless Sensor Networks in Multi-story Buildings Towards IoT-Based Intelligent Environments: An Empirical Study

Sarkar, Nurul I
Gul, S
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With the growing integration of the Internet of Things in smart buildings, it is crucial to ensure the precise implementation and operation of wireless sensor networks (WSNs). This paper aims to study the implementation aspect of WSNs in a commercial multi-story building, specifically addressing the difficulty of dealing with the variable environmental conditions on each floor. This research addresses the disparity between simulated situations and actual deployments, offering valuable insights into the potential to significantly improve the efficiency and responsiveness of building management systems. We obtain real-time sensor data to analyze and evaluate the system’s performance. Our investigation is grounded in the growing importance of incorporating WSNs into buildings to create intelligent environments. We provide an in-depth analysis for scrutinizing the disparities and commonalities between the datasets obtained from real-world deployments and simulation. The results obtained show the significance of accurate simulation models for reliable data representation, providing a roadmap for further developments in the integration of WSNs into intelligent building scenarios. This research’s findings highlight the potential for optimizing living and working conditions based on the real-time monitoring of critical environmental parameters. This includes insights into temperature, humidity, and light intensity, offering opportunities for enhanced comfort and efficiency in intelligent environments.

0301 Analytical Chemistry , 0502 Environmental Science and Management , 0602 Ecology , 0805 Distributed Computing , 0906 Electrical and Electronic Engineering , Analytical Chemistry , 3103 Ecology , 4008 Electrical engineering , 4009 Electronics, sensors and digital hardware , 4104 Environmental management , 4606 Distributed computing and systems software
Sensors, ISSN: 1424-8220 (Print), 24(11), 1-20. doi: 10.3390/s24113415
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