The Quantification, Autoregulation and Reliability of the Stomp as an Osteogenic Exercise

aut.relation.journalSports Injuries & Medicine
dc.contributor.authorRyan, Chloe M. C.
dc.contributor.authorClissold, Tracey L.
dc.contributor.authorWinwood, Paul W.
dc.description.abstractPerforming jump-landings may not be suitable for some individuals when programming for bone health. This study quantified a stomp exercise to determine its magnitude (body weight’s [BW’s]) and rate (body weights per second [BW∙s-1]) of strain among premenopausal women. Twenty healthy premenopausal women [Mean ±SD: 41.7±5.6y; 68.2±10.6kg; 165±5.5cm; 27.5±8.7% body fat] performed stomps on left and right legs at different rate of perceived exertions (RPE’s) (5 and 8) within the same session. The stomp RPE5 resultant magnitudes (3.08 and 2.89, BW’s) and rates of strain (199 and 180, BW∙s-1) for right and left legs (respectively), performed on a Kistler force plate, were similar to previously determined osteogenic thresholds (>3BW’s and >43 BW∙s-1 respectively). The stomp performed at RPE8, significantly (p < 0.001) exceeded stomps performed at RPE5 (4.58 and 4.42, BW’s and 344 and 333, BW∙s-1). The within-session reliability was good to excellent (0.68 to 0.89) for stomps performed at RPE5 and moderate to excellent (0.56 to 0.90) for stomps performed at RPE8. The stomp exercise achieves osteogenic thresholds thought pre-requisite for bone growth in premenopausal women and can be safely and reliably auto regulated by individuals for use in bone health programs where jump-landings may be contraindicated.
dc.identifier.citationSports Injuries & Medicine, ISSN: 2576-9596 (Print), Gavin Publishers. doi: 10.29011/2576-9596.100068
dc.publisherGavin Publishers
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dc.titleThe Quantification, Autoregulation and Reliability of the Stomp as an Osteogenic Exercise
dc.typeJournal Article
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