Under Pressure: OHS of Vulnerable Workers in the Construction Industry

Lamm, F
Moore, D
Nagar, S
Rasmussen, E
Sargeant, M
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The New Zealand construction industry provides a good illustration of the changing nature of work and the impact this has had on the occupational health and safety (OHS) of sub-contracted construction workers. In particular, we examine the vulnerability of workers in the context of the construction industry post-2010 Canterbury earthquakes. In doing so, we apply Quinlan and Bohle’s (2004; 2009) ‘Pressures, Disorganization and Regulatory Failure’ (PDR) model to frame the changing nature and organisation of work and the impact this has had on the OHS of sub-contracted construction workers. Finally, we discuss what can be done going forward in terms of creating a more effective regulatory regime and a safer and healthier industry.

New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations, 42(2): 39-60
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