Fight for the Wild: Emotion and Place in Conservation, Community Formation, and National Identity

dc.contributor.authorCraig, Geoffrey
dc.description.abstractThis study analyses the documentary series, Fight for the Wild, examining how emotional engagements with place facilitate a complex nexus of conservation practices, community formation, and feelings associated with national identity. The documentary charts the progress and challenges of the ‘Predator Free 2050’ campaign which seeks to eradicate Aotearoa New Zealand of all introduced predators and protect endangered native fauna and flora. The documentary portrays how the campaign in constituted through networks of scientists and conservation workers, community groups, and institutional and political leaders, spanning a diverse geographical spectrum from areas of wilderness to urban environments. The study argues the conservation work portrayed in the documentary, and indeed all environmental activity, derives from emotions generated by an individual’s experiential relationships with an environment. Such an argument declares that human assignations of environmental value originate from experiential engagements with an environment, and the accompanying emotional recognition of the affordances of that environment, and that cognitive, social, and representational engagements with environments follow such a process. The article’s significance derives from a demonstration of how this process of subject formation individually informs and connects the scientific processes of conservation work, local community engagement, and more broadly the invocation of a national identity.
dc.identifier.citationContinuum, ISSN: 1030-4312 (Print); 1469-3666 (Online), Informa UK Limited, 1-16. doi: 10.1080/10304312.2023.2278409
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dc.titleFight for the Wild: Emotion and Place in Conservation, Community Formation, and National Identity
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