Sacrilization of Secular Pilgrimages As Archetypal Transformational Journeys: Advancing Theory Through Emic and Etic Interpretations

Lloyd, ST
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This paper advances pilgrimage tourism theory, particularly religious/secular and sacred/profane dimensions. Documenting the case of the Bach Cantata Pilgrimage, this study examines relationships to Jungian archetypal journeys. Case analysis of the Pilgrimage employs emic and etic interpretation. Results suggest that the experience has sacred dimensions when pilgrimage activities align with participants’ core values. The study identifies spiritual dimensions of secular pilgrimage as expressions of an archetypal journey, and points to opportunities to communicate the pilgrimage experience’s authenticity, virtually, through digital communications. A further contribution is demonstrating the usefulness of emic and etic interpretations in identifying motivations to participate in secular pilgrimage.

Pilgrimage tourism; Archetypal journey; Sacralisation; Tourism anthropology
International Journal of Tourism Anthropology, vol.4(1), pp.25 - 45 (20)
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